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Linksys rv042 & rv082

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I have set up a vpn over the internet connecting two separate sites,
main site using a RV082 and branch site using RV042.

Network is like this: - RV042 - internet - RV082 - is the main site. is the branch site.

RV042 has firmware version 1.3.1
RV082 has firmware version

Connectivity is fine.

On the main site I have a different router connecting to other private
networks like this: \ - router - /

The routes to the & are NOT via a
VPN but via an ISDN line. I am unable to set up direct VPN connections
to these sites from the branch site.

I tried on the RV082 to set up a VPN where the remote network was and the local network was but this fails with a
message about a conflict with an existing tunnel (i.e. the tunnel
between &

The RV082 learns of the routes to the etc networks via RIP.

I enabled the RV082 to transmit RIP (tried RIP v1, RIP v2 - broadcast &
RIP v2 multicats) with the RV042 enabled to receive RIP (both v1 & v2)
but no joy.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to enable routing via the
existing VPN connection from network to the & networks?


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