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axis web services and httpsession

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I have a big problem to retrieve httpSession (javax.servlet.http) in a
web service (written with axis).
In the client-side class I use setMantainSession(true) with both
service and call objects.
Webservice class implements ServiceLifecycle interface and I've written
both init and destroy methods: init() sets ServletEndpointContext
object and destroy reset it.
I try to retrieve the session with ServletEndpointContext .getSession()
method: at this point session is empty (it seems that a new httpSession
object has been created).
I tried also to retrieve HttpServletRequest first (using
MessageContext.getCurrentContext().getProperty(HTT PConstants.MC_HTTP_SERVLETREQUEST)),
but httpSession is always empty.
I deploy web services by a server-config.wsdd.xml file: I set scope for
my service as session but it does not work because I don't found
element that I need but webservice information (session type and
service name). Request scope does not work too, because the session is
I have no more ideas. Can anyone help me?
Do I write also a client-config.wsdd?
Please help me!!!

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