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servlet - output jsp page?

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is it possible for a servlet to produce a jsp page that can still run?

for instance I want to run

<%@include file="../Header.html"%>

in the page generated by the servlet. However when I do this by
response.write("..."), nothing appears on screen.

Is it possible? or is there a better way to output this file from a


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Juha Laiho
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"tiewknvc9" <(E-Mail Removed)> said:
>is it possible for a servlet to produce a jsp page that can still run?

Not necessarily; I think there could be all kinds of reloading/caching

Now, what is so dynamic on your pages that one (or few) JSP response
pages are not sufficient? I.e. handle the browser action with a servlet,
then do request.forward() to the correct JSP. To pass data processed by
the servlet, you place it in request attributes.
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Manish Pandit
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It works when you do this in a JSP but not when you write it from a
servlet because your servlet is writing "directly" to the response. In
case of a JSP, it gets compiled into a servlet first - and the JSP
engine handles the directive <%@include...%>. When you are writing
directly on the response, this text (<%@include file= %> will end up as
it is on your browser.


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