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Question on ATM and Ethernet interface conflict

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Niggling question needs an answer
Not an expert here, but do know a bit about cisco..
changed a password on a router..

soho shdsl router, ATM interface to internet, Ethernet interface to
internal network

it had a dialer list config, which i didnt go into, but why is it that
when i put in 'no shutdown' on the ATM interface, and then 'no shutdown'
on the ethernet interface, that it came up with an error saying
something like,
- 'cannot activate interface, ip xx.xx.xx.xx conflicts with dialer list'
- not sure exactly what it said, but along those lines...

why could i then shutdown the ATM interface, then 'no shutdown' the
ethernet interface, 'no shutdown' ATM interface again and it was all
sweet again?

Thanks in advance
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