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accessing local resources

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I have a web application that is forms authenticated. From one of the web
forms in this application i invoke a web service. One of the web methods in
this web service accesses database, gets the data ( report data ) and a .pdf
out put is generated. The reporting engine used is data dynamics. Once a .pdf
is generated, it has to be put in a location say "c:\Temp\MyReports".

The method, that is reponsible to push the pdf into this location tries to
create the folder "MyReports" if it does not exist. Now since by default, the
user account under which the application ( ASP.NET ) runs is under ASP_NET
account, this user does not have more privilages. So this fails to create the
directory under the specified location. Now if a person ( who logs into the
windows domain ) running the application is added to the administrative group
in the web server, i think this works, but since the application is accessed
by lot of uses in the local intranet, not all can be added. Also
Impersonation is strictly turnd off by policy followed locally. Now how do i
go about allowing the forms authenticated user who invoked the web service
create the folder "MyReports" if this does not exist. I do not want to use

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I'm sure there are many other ideas out there but here are my 2 cents.
If you don't want to use impersonation, then grant the rights to the
aspnet account to create folders within a single directory. You will
also need to set permissions to allow the process to write the pdf
output to the directory as well. That should solve your problems.

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