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A sad day....

~~~ The Obelisk [] ~~~
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"CBIC" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed)...
> maybe if we dropped teddy bears instead of bombs they would like us.
> Everyone likes teddy bears. I mean they're so warm and cuddly. The bears

> the extremists. But who knows maybe some of the extremists are warm and
> cuddly to the people who are close to them. Yup, I bet Osama is a nice old
> grandfatherly type who likes to tickle his cave mates with his beard.

Like the keg dropping concept before, the line of thinking is accurate, but
the logic is flawed.

If we're going to drop dolls on them, we should drop REAL DOLLS.

Microcephalic S. Bob

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Rowdy Yates MCNGP
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Yeah. Y'see. I gots these worm feed and we needs another fella to catch
us some down gripper's. You in or not??

p.s. your aunt Betty need to shave that beard!!!

Go Bless The Free World wrote:
> The western way of life is alien to islamic ideology, make no mistake it is
> a threat to our way of life.
> Does that make *all* muslims bad people? No it dose not, the same way it
> does make *all* Germans brought up during the time of National Socialism bad
> people.
> "Montreal MCT" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
> news:(E-Mail Removed)...
>> Let's start at the top:
>> GBTFW made a stupid comment at the outset ("...when Islam is but a cursed
>> memory confined to annals of history") which prompted Neil to say that it
>> is
>> terrorism and not Islam that is the problem.
>> I do not think that Islam is the problem, but I do think that the problem
>> is
>> if not confined to Muslims then it is certainly a lot more commonplace
>> there
>> than it is in the rest of society. The problem of terrorism - not all
>> terrorism but let's be honest most of it - is mostly a muslim problem
>> which
>> is not to say that most muslims are terrorists but frankly that most
>> terrorists are muslim and before anyone brings up Oklahoma City or the
>> Atlanta Olympics or Northern Ireland please reread that I did say MOST. I
>> would further put forward that almost all international terrorism since
>> the
>> mid-eighties has been confined to radical islamic terrorists. It is the
>> reason I think that racial profiling may be discriminatory but it
>> certainly
>> is a good idea. I have never heard of a passenger on an airplane worried
>> about anyone who looks Jewish or Christian blowing themselves up. I
>> cannot
>> remember the last time a Budhist hijacked and airplane and... well, did
>> anything at all with it.
>> KPG retorted with a comment about the Canadian viewpoint and I will say
>> this: as a Canadian I do think that a good part of our people do want to
>> solve too many problems with words when action is required. As the
>> flag-draped coffins of our soldiers come off planes from Afghanistan I
>> think
>> it is apparent that our attitudes are changine and I think that is a good
>> thing. At the same time I think that too many Americans feel that the
>> right
>> course of action when wronged is to invade, and it does not matter who.
>> Al
>> Qaeda attacked the US so let's invade Iraq. North Korea is posturing and
>> puffing it's chest?.... let's invade Iraq.
>> I had dinner last week with a cousin from Florida and when the topic came
>> up
>> he spent twenty minutes talking out of his ass, and proving to me that
>> Americans vote for the wrong person for the wrong reason. A quote: "Of
>> course we had to go into Iraq! Iraq attacked Israel, and since Israel is
>> our
>> ally it was our obligation to defend them." Aside from every fact (other
>> than American military presence in Iraq) in his quote is wrong, it goes to
>> show that a lot of Americans just do not understand the facts on the
>> ground.
>> (For the record: I supported America's invasion of Iraq. I do not support
>> its continued presence there, and no I do not have a solution to that
>> clusterflck.)
>> Anyhow I have taken way too much time out of my work day on this topic. I
>> bow my head in remembrance of the fallen, and will now try to get back to
>> work.
>> --
>> ...wondering what this all has to do with certifications.
>> "kpg" wrote:
>>> As Neil once said in microsoft.public.cert.exam.mcse
>>>>> May we look forward to a day when Islam is but a cursed memory
>>>>> confined to annals of history, in the same way as we look at evils of
>>>>> past like National Socialism & Communism.
>>>> <sarcasm>
>>>> Yeah, that's not the slightest bit inflamitory.
>>>> </sarcasm>
>>>> far too many innocent people of all races and religions perished 5
>>>> years ago to have simplistic solutions applied to a far more complex
>>>> problem. This was not an issue with Islam, this was a problem with
>>>> terrorism. So long as governments and religious leaders (of any kind)
>>>> promote or even condone terrorism as a means to an end, they are to be
>>>> condemned.
>>> Just what I would expect from a Canadian.
>>> kp "common sense...who needs it" g


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