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Unicode string handling problem (revised)

Richard Schulman
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The appended program fragment works correctly with an ascii input
file. But the file I actually want to process is Unicode (utf-16
encoding). This file must be Unicode rather than ASCII or Latin-1
because it contains mixed Chinese and English characters.

When I run the program I get an attribute_count of zero. This
is incorrect for the input file, which should give a value of fifteen
or sixteen. In other words, the count function isn't recognizing the


characters to be counted in the line read.

Here's the program:

in_file = open("c:\\pythonapps\\","rU")
# Skip the first line; make the second available for processing
in_line = in_file.readline()
attribute_count = in_line.count('",')
print attribute_count

Any suggestions?

Richard Schulman
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John Machin
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Richard Schulman wrote:
> in_line = in_file.readline()


We'd already deduced that that line was incorrectly published.
Please don't start new threads like this; if you want to make a
correction, do a couple-of-lines reply to your original message.
Now please leave this new thread alone, and reply to the
much-more-meaningful questions in the original thread.

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