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here is my problem:

I have 3 sites: A, B and C at different locations

For now more than 3 days I have a very bad link from A to C. The
providers at A and C are trying to solve the problem but scince we need
to work I need a solution for this problem.

The problem occurs only between A and C. Connections between A and B
and between B and C are ok.

A is a network equipped with a Cisco 2651 with public IP's available
B is a network equipped with a Cisco 2621 with public IP's available
C is a Windows 2000 SP4 server (colocation)

Cisco 2651 at A has two FE interfaces (one for LAN and one for WAN
which is connected to ISP's router/DSL-Modem)

Cisco 2621 at B has a similar configuration

Server at C is connected to ISP's/hoster's network

At A and B no routing protocols are used, i.e. the routers have only
"ip default-gateway" and "ip route <IP address of ISP's

At C also no protocols are used, the server has "normal" settings for
the LAN-Connection with following parameters:

IP address
Subnet mask
Default gateway

As I have understood a GRE-tunnel between A and B could solve my
problem at least for some days until the connection problem between A
and C is solved.

So the idea is to let some public IP-addresses from A appear as public
IP addresses from B

i.e. something like this:

1. a GRE tunnel between A and B is created
2. on A all traffic for C will be routed into the tunnel
3. on B all traffic from the tunnel will be routed to C from a
B-network's public IP
4. on C the configuration will be changed so that it will now
comunicate with a public IP address on B instead of A

If this solution is possible could anyone provide me with a sample
configuration for A and B routers please ?

Thanks in advance

Best regards

Alexej Buchholz

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      09-06-2006 Removed) wrote:
> Hi,

> Thanks in advance
> Best regards
> Alexej Buchholz

Hi again,

it seems like the connection problem between site A and server C is

But anyway if anyone could help me build such a configuration for both
Ciscos it would be great.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards

Alexej Buchholz

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