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Re: What is the best testbook on algorithms in graph

Weng Tianxiang
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Mark P wrote:
> Weng Tianxiang wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I want to buy some books on algoirthms in graph.
> >
> > Of the following 5 books, which one is best on descriptions algorithms
> > in graph:
> >

> [...]
> I don't know any of the books but perhaps you could be more specific
> about what you want to know about graph algorithms. If it's only basic
> algorithms (shortest path, min. spanning tree, network flows, etc.) then
> there are many general algorithm texts that would cover these. For more
> specialized applications we need to know more about your intentions.

Hi Mark,
I am a hardware FPGA designer. What I want to do is to try to design a
new hardware circuit to tackle the most difficult and very famous
algorithms in graph.
1. The algorithms in graph are very commonly used;
2. The algorithms computing complexity is high, for example, O(N**m), m
>= 2;

I would like to learn the algorithms, then try to find a hardware
solution for them.

I found the maximum matching problem for bipartite in graph is an
interesting problem:
it has computing complexity of O(N**2.5) and very famous. I am doing
research on it now.
I would like to find more similar situations like the maximum matching
problem in graphs.

Thank you.


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