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Building Python with non-traditional paths
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Is there a clean way to build Python under a non-traditional path,
linking with other software that is under non-traditional paths, on

I maintain a build of Python [1] that is part of a self-contained
bundle of software [2] to run bcfg2 [3].

The major problem I am having is getting the build to link to the
openssl libraries, which are installed under /usr/local/lib/bcfg2/lib;
I tried (on GNU/Linux):


but that didn't work. The only thing I could do to get it to work
(sometimes) was to edit the file directly before the
../configure; make; make install like this:

cat \
| sed s:\/usr\/local\/:\/usr\/local\/lib\/bcfg2\/:g \
| sed
| sed
| sed
s:\/usr\/local\/lib\/bcfg2\/ssl\/lib:\/usr\/local\/lib\/bcfg2\/lib:g \


However that is rather ugly, and modifies the source which I'd rather
not do. Is there a better/cleaner way?

[1] Complete build spec for Python for Bcfg2

[2] Bcfg2 Encap Packages - Overview

[3] Bcfg2 - Provides a declarative interface to system configuration

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