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Cisco Aironet 1200 Access point

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      08-25-2006 Removed) wrote:

> KevS wrote:
> > Merv wrote:
> >
> > > Once you have a PC connected to the console make sure you enable
> > > session logging in order to capture commands entered and AP response.
> > >
> > > If you have any further issue, please post all of the session logs.

> >
> > I still cant get it to work, Man this is frustrating, this is the
> > command I have been trying
> > archive download-sw /overwrite /reload
> > tftp://* r.123-8.JA2.tar
> > the access point is getting the message as the lights change color etc
> > but it is still returning the error cant open file message

> Maybe the issue is just with tftp?
> Does you tftp server have a status info or log?

> I like tftpd32.exe partly since it has a log window that tells you
> about file opens, transfer progress, tftp client address, etc
> No install, download, unzip, execute. You need to set the
> directory that the files are to be served from and if the PC
> has more than one interface to select the one you want.
> You could possibly verify the tftp server from another (or the same?)
> PC.
> c:\temp\>tftp -i my.ip.address GET c1200-k9w7-ta* r.123-8.JA2.tar
> Should copy the file from the PC's tftp server to the current
> directory.
> e.g. c:\temp.

Just got it to work and guess what the problem was? my firewall was
stopping it, I turned the firewall off and it worked, thanks everyone
for the help

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Hansang Bae
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KevS wrote:
> I already tried that and it didnt work, It actually says in the
> release notes that the http upgrade wont work as the file is to big

Do you have some sort of personal FW software running? Don't forget to
disable it first.



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