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HTTP Persistent Connections using SonicMQ (and Sonic ESB)
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I am connecting a small java client to sentSOAP messages on an HTTP
Connection to the Sonic ESB.Server

I can get the HTTP Non-Persstent Connection to work just fine. My java
client opens a socket, and sends an HTTP header "Connection: close" on
the message, and then Sonic ESB listener receives the message and sends
it back to my java program. THIS WORKS PERFECTLY and works for as many
messages as I need to send.

However, for HTTP Persistent Connection.....

The java client program opens a socket, and sends a "Connection:
Persist" HTTP header in the message, and sends it to the Sonic Server.
The Sonic server reads the fFIRST message on the connection, and then
sends the FIRST message back to the java client successfully.

The java client sends another SOAP message with a "Connection: Persist"
HTTP Header to the Sonic Server. This Second message is never placed
on a Sonic Queue, and is never returned to the Java client program.

Any subsequent message sent is apparently no read o processed or
returned by the Sonic Server.

This is a repeatable process, the first message sent on a persistent
connection is always returned properly, but the 2nd message (and any
other message) is not processed by the Sonic Server.

Does anyone have any info on Sonic and HTTP connections that would shed
light on this problem ?


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