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c++ Xalan1.4/Xerces2.1 SAX parser. How to find the encoding type?

RamaKrishna Narla
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We are using Xalan1.4/Xerces2.1 SAX parser in C++. We have extended
DocumentHandler class, and registered its object using
setDocumentHandler method.
SAX Parser is reporting the document related events like startDocument,
startElement, endElement ...etc well.
But, it is starting the events from the root node of the xml document,
by calling startDocument method. We need to find out the encoding type
specified in the <?xml version="..." encoding="..." ?> processing
SAX parser is not invoking processingInstruction method for the above

Is there any way to find out the encoding type specified in the very
first xml PI?

Thanks in advance,

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Joe Kesselman
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Standard SAX does not yet expose the XML Declaration. The SAX2
Extensions 1.1 Beta APIs add this as part of the Locator2 interface
(see, but that is still
officially experimental.

(Note also that DocumentHandler is an outdated interface; you should be
using ContentHandler these days.)

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