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serial clock generation

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I've just very recently started VHDL coding, and still unfamiliar with
the proper style of the language.

I am trying to create a serial interface that receives a serial clock
(seperate from system clock), and inverts this clock to make a transmit
clock. What would be the best method to do this? I would appreciate a
snippet of code if possible.

Thank you for your help. So far I have this:


-- into module
ser_clkr <= ser_clkr_i;
ser_clkr_q <= ser_clkr; -- previous val of clkr

--new serial clock to be generated from input of CLKR.
new_clk_gen: process(ser_clkr, ser_clkr_q)
if (ser_clkr_q = '0' and ser_clkr_q = '1') then
ser_clkx <= not ser_clkx;
ser_clkx <= ser_clkx;
end process;

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Jerrie85 Jerrie85 is offline
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why dont u just transmit_clk <= ~receive_serial_clock;
this is just straight inverter, combination logic
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Benjamin Todd
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IMHO I think you've got a bit of work to do... The grass roots of VHDL is
good synchronous design practice. Ok, of course it can be much more
complicated that that, but you should start with the idea that you have a
global system reset, and a global system clock, everything that happens in
your design is initialised with the reset, and synchronous to the clock.
every process can then be written as a flip-flop, with combinational logic
behind it.

To give you a head-start with what you wrote...

someprocess : process (clk, rst)
if rst = '1' then
-- here you initialise your signals
elsif rising_edge (clk) then
-- here something happens every rising edge of the clock
end if;
end process;

Use this kind of structure to describe your circuit!

> if (ser_clkr_q = '0' and ser_clkr_q = '1') then

I'm sure you don't mean this!!

> ser_clkx <= not ser_clkx;
> else
> ser_clkx <= ser_clkx;

And this creates a latch... not good!

Go back to basics and consider what is good synchronous design...!!
A good question to start with is how would you make the circuit if you had a
drawer full of 7400s, not an FPGA/CPLD?
Good luck!

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