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no IP - excellent signal, limited or no connectivity

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Hi, i have a pc running XP with an internal network card (it's a gateway laptop) and i just set up a network. i have a 2Wire at&t wireless modem/router with two WAP54G access points connected to it. before i secured the network, i was able to connect from any machine. then i secured the 2Wire and one of the WAP54G's and on 2 of the 5 pc's, i got "Excellent signal, limited or no connectivity" error when trying to connect to the secured points. These two pc's have no problems connecting to the unsecured WAP54G though.

When i do a "repair this connection", it says that it is unable to get an IP adress. why can't i get an IP address on some of PCs with the secured network? Mac's worked fine, and 3 of the 5 pc's did as well. i have killed internet security and all other crap on these machines to see if that would help, but nothing. i ran into some talk of an XP service pack 2 patch. but i also ran into some posts about configuring the NIC cards to support WEP-enabled signals.

any ideas?

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joeyraff123 joeyraff123 is offline
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Join Date: Aug 2006
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i scoured this site and others and found the following:

what you need to do is manually assign your laptop an IP
address. Go to your Network adapter's properties, select TCP/IP and click
properties. Instead of 'obtain an IP address automatically', enter one
yourself, something like 192.168.1.x with a subnet mask of

The default gateway and DNS server should point to your router's IP address. If you aren't using a router, not exactly sure whether this will work or not...
This is the only thing that's worked for me, hopefully this sorts you guys
out too!

And I found this too:

I found out the following. For me problem also occurs with anothe
portable equiped with a 3Com PcCard and with Win XP an NO SP2 !!!! So
it's most likely not a SP2 related matter. Also, my other portable
already had SP2 installed for 2 weeks before the problems started.

Now I tested changing the SSID on my wireless router and guess what..
both machines are able to connect and reconnect, receiving a proper I
address from the DHCP server. And this several consequtive times.

It keeps getting better, I changed back the SSID to the old value and.
my laptops can reconnect to the network again.

There seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel but I still don'
see a reason what causes this strange behaviour.
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