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connecting an amp to my pc

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ive just got an amp and some speakers and what i want to do is connect the amp and speakers to my pc so i can listen to music off the pc.i havn't got a sound card my pc came with sound capabilities built into the motherboard, which im sure is standard. my pc has the three standard sockets, the mic socket, the speaker out socket and another i believe to be a line in socket? can i connect my amp up already or do i need a sound card? possibly one with a line out socket? as you can probably tell im a little confused. can anyone help please it would be very much appreciated. thankyou.
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You will not need a new sound card, on the back of the tower there is a speaker output right? It should be a headphone style phono jack, you can buy a cabgle that is a phono jack on one end and RCA's on the other, ( do yourself a favour and spend the extra money on a decent shielded cable or else you'll get the dreaded humm) plug the phono jack into the speaker port on the back of the tower and the RCA's into the AUX input on your amp, now turn on your music and enjoy
Note- try to find a right angled phono adapter to go into the back of the tower, after a while the regular phono plugs end up bending from the weight of the cable and then you get distortion or feedback from your amp, qnd always try to run signal carrying cables ( RCA's) away from all power lines a power cable although undetectable to the naked eye give off at least a 1 Foot in diameter field of interferance, thus causing a highpitched whine to be herd in the background
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