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Shared Connection over wifi

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Im using a local wifi connection on one computer. I have another computer located in a diffrent room and it does not have a wireless card. I have an ethernet cord(Cat 5 i think) that is long enough to reach both. I also have a d-link 624 wirless/wired router and an extra cord if needed. Is there anyway I can get internet on both computers through the local wifi? If so, how? Please be specific!

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WiFiNetworkin WiFiNetworkin is offline
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Join Date: Aug 2006
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What I have so far.
1)Set Lan To have others to connect through it.
2)Bridge Lan and Wifi connections.
3)Connect cat5 cord from ethernet port on computer with wi-fi to WAN on router
4)Connect another Cat5 cord from lan side of router to computer.

Faults: These may be problems
-The problems with this is I do not have a crossover cat5 cord. So I may have to change some settings to make that work but I do not know how.
-Also I may have to connect the strait-through cat5 cord to the lan part of the router and set up my router so it can effectively be used as a hub.

I am unsure of both of these. Can anybody help?
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