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Cisco pppoe client can connect multiple pppoe sessions

John Nordien
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I have a Cisco 1600 series router that is being used as a an internet
gateway to a DSL internet service.
I am running IP/FW/NAT. Several fixed NAT entries are forwarded to internal
servers using interface
DIALER 1 as the primary internet interface. We have several fixed IP
addresses according to the
dialup profile and using PAP authentication. The combination of
username/password determines the
IP address assigned at connect time.

Current router situation

internal LAN | - (e0) --- (e1)-> Dialer 1 (pppoe) IP1 = ---> INTERNET

ip route Dialer 1
No routing protocols used.

The Cisco pppoe client can connect multiple pppoe sessions so I have tried
to set up the
following network addition.
NAT entries fwd packets from to successful.
NAT entries fwd packets from to not working.

|- TCP=8081 --| |Dialer 1 (pppoe) IP1 = --> INTERNET -| >- (e0) -- (e1)-|
|- TCP=8084 --| (NAT/PAT) |Dialer 2 (pppoe) IP2 = --> INTERNET

ip route Dialer 1
No routing protocols used.

What I am trying to do is to have multiple port 80 FWD through the router to
different ports on the
inside network. In this one case 2 different TCP(80) NAT/PAT'ed to the
same server using different
TCP ports.
Case 1 is to have --> NAT/PAT -->
Case 2 is to have --> NAT/PAT -->

I have the multiple DSL pppoe sessions established, and the NAT/PAT
established for TCP:8084 but
clients cannot complete their web sessions. I suspect that routing is the
problem as internal hosts
are using as the default gateway and my gateway is using Gateway
Of Last Resort out
interface DIALER 1.

Is this a workable situation?

Thanks for any & all help.


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