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Changing from Manual selection mode to automatic mode PERMANENTLY.

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Hello all. ^^
Straight to the point, currently, im using my university wireless service
that is avalible in two location, the library and another study block. My
problem is, If i were to connect to the WLAN at the library block and the
next time shift to the study block, my connection network selection would
shift to Manual network selection instead of automatic. When my network
selection is in a Manual mode, I can't connect to the internet as the
connecting status stops at 'acquiring network adresses'. I figured out its
because of this network selection that hinders me form connecting to the
network,thus i just would like to know how to 'switch' the selection back to
automatic. Sad to say, Im tired of dragging my 'beloved' to the ICT center
everytime this happens. It'll be apreaciated if someone could tutor me to
troubleshoot this problem by myself. Thank you so much in advance. ^_^
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