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PyGTK TreeView segmentation fault on expand_all()

Chris Johnson
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Good morning.

I have recently begun a project using PyGTK, and part of my planned
interface has a gtk.TreeView showing a portion of the filesystem. Now,
rather than load the entire FS structure into the tree right from the
beginning, I made a lazy tree by adding blank children to rows
representing directories, and connected a call to fill in the data when
a row with blank children was expanded.

Now, this works all fine and well, in general. I can browse my entire
filesystem this way. But I noticed that hitting '*' (which I believe is
a call to expand_all(), though the documentation does not say this
explicitly) on a row representing any empty directory causes a
segmentation fault.

This problem can be alleviated by not removing the blank child after
attempting to add directory contents, but I would like to avoid this

My suspicion is that expand_all() assumes that there are children
present, and when I remove the blank row (after attempting to add any
subdirectories and files), it does not check to make sure there are
still children.

So I suppose I have a couple questions. First, can anybody confirm my
suspicions? Secondly, is this a PyGTK bug, or am I doing something that
simply should never be done? Finally, do you see any way to fix this

Code follows
def onExpand(self, view, iter, path):
"""Add directory contents on first expansion of its entry"""
sorted = view.get_model() # TreeModelSort
iter = sorted.convert_iter_to_child_iter(None,iter)
store = sorted.get_model() # TreeStore
child = store.iter_children(iter)
cpath = store.get(iter,1)[0][1:] # Hidden column with fs path
if store.get_value(child, 0) is None:


If any other code is necessary, I can provide my entire program.
However, I think I've isolated the problem to that last line (execution
continues beyond it, so it's not exactly the line itself), and want to
hear any recommendations for how to still remove that blank child
without causing expand_all() to fall on its face.

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