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I have an machine embroidery program that requires the use of a dongle. Trouble is, I use a laptop so the dongle has to be put in and removed again every time I use the program. Because of this, the dongle takes a beating, even though I am very careful. Someone has suggested that I try using a usb extension cable so that I can leave the dongle plugged into it all the time and then just put the cable in and out of the usb port instead. This is a good idea if it will work....I've heard others say some of their hardware would not work with an extension. A better solution for me would be to find a way to make my computer 'think' the dongle is in, when in fact, it is not. I have been told there are ways to do this legally but the same person also told me it costs more than the price of replacing my dongle($200) in order to do it. Does anyone have any idea how to do this or direct me somewhere that I can find out? I'm pretty computer literate but dongles I know zilch..all I know is my program won't run without it. Thanks for any help! Deb.
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A USB extension cable will extend the current length of cable, upto about 10-20m then u loose signal. If u are after a different connection u can check ur local computer store or ever some other stores keep it. For istance, RS232, Parlell and Firewire.
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