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Import wireless profile (WPA, TKIP, PEAP and other settings)

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Probably question similar to mine has come up numerous times in this
Usenet, could not find on my own so i am posting so someone may have
seen or have solution.

Here is my situation:

I work for a small community college. Different kinds of wireless
management utilities on different student systems making configuring
wireless network a nightmare. We would like to standardize at least on
WindowsXP (Zero Wireless Config utility) to configure wireless profile.
Almost 96 percent of our students PCs have Windows XP. So it makes
sense to do so. Now, we would like to save Wireless Profile (reg import
or profile) on removable media, and quickly load it on student PC. I
looked into "Wireless Network Setup Wizard", but it would not let us
export wireless profile as it configured. It replaces WPA (enterprise)
to WPApsk, add PSK WPA key, changes Authentication to Smartcard Or
Certificate even though i had PEAP selected, and so on.

Is it possible to force it to save profile as-is? Please help.

Network Authentication: WPA
Data Encryption: TKIP
Enable Fast Reconnect
Disable "automatically use my windows logon"


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mramad mramad is offline
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i would like to do the same thing,, any help??
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aLTeReGo aLTeReGo is offline
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Originally Posted by mramad
i would like to do the same thing,, any help??
Ditto. Anyone have any suggestions?
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