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Cisco 2611XM Router

John Petersam
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We are using a CISCO 2611XM router with 4 serial interfaces running
57.6k. Our clients are connected using a PPP dial-up connection.

Our software is a Java-based client/server application, and keeps an
open connection between the client and server at all times.
Periodically, we are experiencing network hiccups with the router.
The connection will fall off, and data will neither be sent nor

The thread that sends the data from the server hangs indefinitely. As
a part of our error-recovery scheme, we time out the connection, and
the client tries to connect again. During these hiccup periods (which
can last anywhere from 10 seconds to 15 minutes), the new connections
either fail or time out. After the hiccup period, we run without any
errors for several hours or longer.

Our server is running on Red-Hat Linux 9, and our clients are running
Windows XP Professional.

We do not experience these problems when we run in a LAN environment.
We have also run our application using a CISCO 1751 router which
experiences much fewer problems. Our performance tests indicate that
messages are usually sent very quickly. During these hiccup periods,
most messages are still sent very quickly, but occasionally it will
take over 2 seconds to send a single packet of data.

Does anyone know of any known problems with this router that might be
causing these problems?

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