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OpenSSH Windows Security

Sebastian Gottschalk
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George Orwell wrote:

>>>> and FTP/TLS-SSL. Serv-u and other Windows ftp servers
>>>> provide directory limits.
>>> FTPS and a proper FTP server would be my choice, and with the right
>>> file manager on the client side moving files back and forth could be as
>>> transparent as moving them from folder to folder on your own machine
>>> (does Tuxcmd have a Windows port)? <g>

>> Try Novell NetDrive (but be aware of the improper ACLs set by the
>> installer). It allows you to mount FTPVFS with FTPS as a net drive.

> NetDrive is nothing more than a "wrapper" for common Internet
> protocols,

Wrong. It fully implements a file system driver.

> most of them not even even secured by encryption as the OP
> mandated, and none of them immune to the problem the OP is having with
> SSH.

As I already mentioned, it does support FTPS. And with FTPVFS the
problem is addresses as well.

> Your "advice", as is typically the case, is completely useless.

I'm sorry that due to some management issue, your rather stupid postings
slipped through the filter.
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Ludovic Joly
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Borked Pseudo Mailed wrote :
> My second choice would be a full blown VPN solution, FWIW. Second to
> FTPS only because I think it's a little bit of an over kill for the
> problem the OP is trying to solve.

A full blown VPN is maybe a bit heavy, but today, most versions of
Windows make establishing IPSEC tunnels between too machines (IP
addresses) very easy. Wouldn't that be a simple and good choice for
solving the problem of the OP?

A page with links to IPSec Resources for Windows 2000:

IPSec tunneling resources:

Kind regards,
Nomen Nescio

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Charly Oz
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If you have a bit of cash (relative), BitVise provide an easy-to-install and
manage OpenSSH server + commercial support.

There are a couple of other providers but these guys seem ok to me.

Hope this helps.


"Erik Naslund" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed)
> My company has a requirement for secure file transfer. We are limited
> to windows server 2003. I have successfully setup OpenSSH via cygwin on
> this server.
> The problem I am having is that I cannot seem to figure out how to
> isolate users. They are permitted to travel up the directory structure
> into the cygwin directories. Granted it is only read access, but how
> can I lock them into their home directory?
> I have tried chaning permissions on the parent directories, but as soon
> as I do, the user can no longer log in.

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I installed OpenSSH for Windows on a Windows 2003 server. As long as
my server userid has admin privilege, I can use that id to remote
connect from the Net using SFTP client.

However, my SFTP client connection will be rejected with "access
denied' error if the windows id has only "Users" privilege, even thought
I had verify that the directory was created and assigned all privilege
for thelogin id under the SFTP home root directory. As soon as I added
admin privilege to the login id, it all works but you would understand
that I do not want all SFTP user to have admin right.

So what how do I resove this access problem?



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