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Re: IP routing on source address

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I have some keywords to start
Must be able to manage this now !



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"@ndree" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed)...
> Hi,
> .-- My secret spy satellite informs me that at 12-11-2004 14:39 Knokmans
> wrote:
>> On a cisco router (2600 series) i want to implement IP routing using the
>> source address
>> fe0:
>> fe1:
>> fe2:
>> At this moment, all traffic with source is routed to
>> (fe1)
>> What i want in the future is routing like this:
>> source (fe0, 1st half) is routed to
>> (fe1)
>> source (fe0, 2nd half) is routed to
>> (fe2)
>> Can anyone help me giving a (piece of) example of configuration code
>> or else a link to a (cisco)webpage where this is explained well is also
>> OK.

> Something like this:
> access-list 1 permit
> !
> interface serial fe0
> ip policy route-map out-fe1
> !
> route-map policy-map
> match ip address 1
> set interface fe1
> or instead of set interface fe1 you can use
> set ip next-hop $nexthop
> You can also try searching at
> search for policy routing
> Regards Andree

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