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Fixup protocol
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Hi all,

Can some explain the correct usage of no fixup protocol dns command..
will this anyway bring about utilisation of PIX


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Hi Frank,

You may wish to investigate Cisco's DNS Fixup:

Hope this helps.

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Walter Roberson
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In article <(E-Mail Removed) .com>, Removed) <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

>Can some explain the correct usage of no fixup protocol dns command..

If you use the alias command, then there are -two- effects, one
having to do with changing the destination IP on -outgoing- packets,
and the other having to do with rewriting DNS responses. One might
want the IP destination rewriting without wanting the DNS rewriting;
if so then you would turn off the DNS fixup.

If you are using PIX 6.2 or PIX 6.3, then using the 'alias' command
is not encouraged, and the 'dns' keyword for the 'static' command
is recommended instead. If you are not using 'alias' and you did not
want DNS fixups to occur, you would normally just leave out the
'dns' keyword on the 'static'. It appears to me, though, that there is
no equivilent to the 'dns' keyword for nat/global commands, so
you might still need to disable the dns fixup for that case.

If you are using PIX 6.3, then the dns fixup also checks the length
of DNS responses, to prevent buffer overflows. When you use
'no fixup protocol dns' then the length checks are not done, which
might be important for you (especially if you want your users to be
able to stream music or videos by using DNS requests to bypass
restrictions on http accesses.)

>will this anyway bring about utilisation of PIX

Sorry, I do not understand that question ?
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