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Random Server Errors

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I'm fairly new to internet programming and have a strange problem. I
was hoping someone could suggest possible causes.

This is what I've done...

1) I created a simple login aspx page that accepts a username and
password. Once entererd, I search a SQL server username table for a
country code that corresponds to to the username and password.
2) I then use the following code...
Context.Items.Add("CountryCode", countryCode)
3) In page2.aspx I have te following code...
sub Page_Load(sender as object, e as EventArgs)
if not IsPostBack then
countryCode = Context.Items("CountryCode")
end if
end sub

I then query a database table based on the country code and display the
results in a datagrid.

This works fine most of the time. However, some people are getting
server errors when they try to login. I'm not sure what the error is

One point is that there would be a server error if the country code
wasn't passed to page2.aspx as this page needs the code.

People from various coutries around the world have tried logging in to
this system. It works most of the time but some countries can't login.
However, when they report the error, I have no problems logging in here
in the UK.

If anyone has any ideas or hints as to what might be wrong, please let
me know...

Many thanks....

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