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Power On Password

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I know this thread is old but I was looking for a solution to this problem today and came upon this thread during my search. I had no idea what a dip switch or a jumper was so I went to Compaq and got the manual for the C762NR and started looking over it. On page 75, it said "NOTE: Removing the RTC battery and leaving it uninstalled for 5 or more minutes causes all passwords and CMOS settings to be cleared." I thought to myself, that sounds like a sure shot to solving my problem. So, I started the process of getting to the battery which meant taking the entire laptop apart. I had a blast. I had never done that before. I removed the battery for like 10 mintues...I wanted to be sure it was long enough... Then I put the entire thing back together. I plugged it in and said, "Jesus, please let this thing work." You see, it wasn't my computer, it was a friend's. And it worked.

My only question now is why don't they simply put the RTC battery in the memory/wireless module compartment area so you can just take the back cover off to get to it instead of having to take apart the entire computer It would make things a bazillion times easier. I think I'll go with "They do it that way to make is difficult for just anyone to erase the computer's passwords." The alternatives just don't make any sense.

Anyway, I did it...

and thought I would share my first experience at taking apart a computer with everyone.

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