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Berkeley DB XML vs 4suite for fast searching in XML DB?

Sullivan WxPyQtKinter
Posts: n/a
Storing XML in relational database with indexing feature is exactly
what I need. But 4suite is mentioned from time to time and seemingly
holding better support for python. I have no idea if 4 suite has
provide strong support for random access or relatively random access
for XML database and with indexing features, to support fast search.

Who could compare the efficiency different between the two?

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Ravi Teja
Posts: n/a
Last time I tried, BDB XML's Python extension crashed and I did not try
too hard to figure out why and switched to something else that did not
(eXist). BDB has been marketed for long as a fast database and will
probably be faster than 4Suite. I doubt that you will find any
benchmarks comparing those two. Why don't you try both yourself, with
your own data and decide?

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