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Perforce"print" error - AttributeError: OutputBinary

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Hi all,
I am getting an error message when trying to use the P4 print command
via the python api for perforce.

Anytime that I run"print","-q", eachFile), I keep getting an
error message: "AttributeError: OutputBinary."

Here is my code below: Please Help.

import p4
#import perforce module
#For complete API see
p4c = p4.P4()
p4c.port = ""
p4c.user = "perrk9"
path = "//practice/perrk9/..."
localTemp = "c:\perforce_temp_dir\\"

first = "counter", "galloway_deploy" )[0]
# here 'last_change_record' is a dictionary
last_change_record = "changes", "-m", "1", path )[0]
print "last change record"
print last_change_record
last = last_change_record['change']
print "last \n"
print last

status_dict = { "right only" :"add", "left only" :"delete", "content"
:"edit", "identical" :"no change" }

result = "diff2", "-q", path + "@" + first , path + "@" + last
# result is an Array, each element is a Dictionary

#Find out which files were add/edited/deleted and throw them into lists
deploy = [] # add/edit list
undeploy = [] # delete list
for changed_file in result:
action = status_dict[ changed_file['status'] ]
print action
if ((action =='add') or (action == 'edit')):
print "Changed file = "
print changed_file['depotFile']
deploy.append(changed_file['depotFile']) #appending each file to our
'deploy' list
elif action == delete:
undeploy.append(changed_file['depotFile']) #appending each file to
our 'undeploy' list

#print the deploy list
print "deploy list"
print deploy
for eachFile in deploy :
print eachFile

file ="print","-q", eachFile)

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I received a response from Robert Cowham ( the author of the API):

The problem is that something like print was only expected to be done
for text files not binary.

You could try editing and add a method similar to:

def OutputText(self, text):
"Adds text lines to the output data."
for line in string.split(text, '\n'):

e.g. around line 214 add

def OutputBinary(self, text):
"Adds lines to the output data."

Note: I am sure that Robert will be updating the P4 module for python,
so if you can I would just download the most recent version (I would
give him a couple of days though).

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This seemed to fix my problem.


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