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doctest-alike for a unix shell?

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Anyone know of something that can turn an interactive bash or tcsh
session into a test the
way doctest does?

- Cheers, Paddy.

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1. Try os.popen:

>>> import os
>>> os.popen('echo Hello World').read()

'Hello World\n'

2. Try a test environment built for testing shell commands, such as

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Thanks for the pointer to dejagnu, although it is not what I was after.

The question came about because I was scripting an interface to an
electronics design automation tool that comes with a TCL interface.
I was using a companion perl script called from the TCL to do most of
the more complex checking (I am still not allowed Python at work, sob).

I found myself testing the perl script by calling it repeatedly from
tcsh , with different options and different files and directories
created in its run directory that I knew it was sensitive to. I
scrolled back in my xterm window and thought that there before me was
most of my tests! If only their was doctest for tcsh, I could tell the
tool what my prompt strings were, cut-n-paste my shell session, and
Bobs yer uncle!

I guess doctest-alikes could be created for a lot of shell type
interfaces with distinct prompts.

- Paddy.

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