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API/C memory mananegemnt problem

Marco Fumana
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Thank for your help.

I have try to follow your suggestion but I seem to fail.

Now my C-module (call it C_Core) code is:

/* create_list function */
int size=10000000;

output=(double *) calloc(size, sizeof(double));
for(i=0; i<size; i++){
PyList_Append(py_output, tmp);
Py_DECREF(tmp); // append adds a reference



return py_output;

with del statement all memory is relased, but I have a malformed list.

In python shell:
# Call C function an create a list

# check the list
# OK
Segmentation fault

On the other size your last option with
PyList_SET_ITEM(py_output, tmp) statement
is quick, but I have still memory problem.

Any idea?

Thank a lot
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