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Weekly Python Patch/Bug Summary

Kurt B. Kaiser
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Patch / Bug Summary

Patches : 386 open ( +4) / 3089 closed (+10) / 3475 total (+14)
Bugs : 889 open ( +9) / 5636 closed (+12) / 6525 total (+21)
RFE : 212 open ( +1) / 201 closed ( +0) / 413 total ( +1)

New / Reopened Patches

db4.4 support for bsddb (2006-03-02)
CLOSED opened by JÚrome Laheurte

Faster list comprehensions (2006-03-03)
CLOSED opened by Collin Winter

Add support for the If-Modified-Since header (2006-03-03) opened by Shannon -jj Behrens

PyLong_FromString optimization (2006-03-04) opened by Alan McIntyre

Incremental codecs for CJKCodecs (2006-03-05) opened by Hye-Shik Chang

Remove bad PREDICT in ceval.c (2006-03-04) opened by Collin Winter

gc.get_count() and other changes (2006-03-05)
CLOSED opened by Barry A. Warsaw

email/ convert() patch (2006-03-06) opened by Tokio Kikuchi

Various minor fixes for NULL checks, etc. (2006-03-06) opened by Hye-Shik Chang

Make itertools.tee participate in GC (2006-03-06) opened by Thomas Wouters

kwdargs for compile/__import__ (2006-03-07) opened by Thomas Wouters

New with semantics (2006-03-0 opened by Guido van Rossum

Patches Closed

db4.4 support for bsddb (2006-03-02) closed by nnorwitz

Inconsistency in os' function naming (2006-03-01) closed by gvanrossum

PEP 357 --- adding nb_index (2006-02-21) closed by gvanrossum

Faster list comprehensions (2006-03-03) closed by nnorwitz

The email package needs an "application" type (2006-02-04) closed by bwarsaw

Size of time_t changed to 64 bits in MSVC++ 2005 CRT (2006-02-24) closed by loewis

gc.get_count() and other changes (2006-03-05) closed by bwarsaw

StreamReader.readline with size reading multiple lines (2005-12-13) closed by doerwalter

Make property use the getter's __doc__ if no doc argument (2006-02-1 closed by gbrandl

New / Reopened Bugs

yet another svn head compiler change (2006-03-02) opened by Michael Hudson

socket read() can cause MemoryError in Windows (2006-03-02) opened by taukki

Omission in docs for urllib2.urlopen() (2006-03-02) opened by Kent Johnson

A (treaded) Python crash only on dual core machines (2006-03-02)
CLOSED opened by Robert Kiendl

Multiple simultaneous sendtos on AF_UNIX socket broken. (2006-03-02) opened by Brian Brunswick

Traceback in pydoc (2006-03-02)
CLOSED opened by Thomas Heller

IDLE shell window gets very slow when displaying long lines (2006-03-03) opened by Heiko Selber

os.listdir doesn't release GIL (2006-02-15)
CLOSED reopened by gvanrossum

docs for os.statvfs miss f_bsize parameter (2006-03-03)
CLOSED opened by Chris Cogdon

handling comments with markupbase and HTMLParser (2006-03-03) opened by Daniel

Bad Coroutine link (2006-03-04)
CLOSED opened by Paddy McCarthy

Pickle protocol 2 fails on private slots. (2006-03-05) opened by Daniele Varrazzo

locale.getpreferredencoding() dies when setlocale fails (2006-03-05) opened by Catherine Devlin

email 3.0+ stops parsing headers prematurely (2006-03-05) opened by Mark Sapiro Documentation (2006-03-06) opened by Thomas Guettler

subprocess test cases fail with noexec-mounted /tmp (2006-03-06) opened by Wummel

Pointer freed twice in Py_InitializeEx() (2006-03-07) opened by athorp

getpass.getpass queries on STDOUT not STERR (*nix) (2006-03-07) opened by Jon Lasser

embedding Python causes memory leaks (2006-03-0 opened by Andrew Trevorrow

install fails on hard link (2006-03-0 opened by goldenautumnday

install fails on hard link (2006-03-0
CLOSED opened by goldenautumnday

os.path.realpath works on windows (2006-03-0
CLOSED opened by Jonathan Ellis

unicode('foo', '.utf99') does not raise LookupError (2006-03-0 opened by osvenskan

subprocess interpreted double quotation mark wrong on window (2006-03-09) opened by simon

Bugs Closed

A (treaded) Python crash only on dual core machines (2006-03-02) closed by loewis

Traceback in pydoc (2006-03-02) closed by gbrandl

os.listdir doesn't release GIL (2006-02-15) closed by gbrandl

docs for os.statvfs miss f_bsize parameter (2006-03-03) closed by nnorwitz

Bad Coroutine link (2006-03-03) closed by nnorwitz

test_struct crashed, py2.3.5, solaris 10 (12/08/05) closed by sf-robot

test test_nis crashed -- nis.error: no such key in map (07/02/03) closed by sf-robot

file to store pickled object should be opened in binary mode (2006-02-27) closed by gbrandl

set update method description is incorrect (2006-03-01) closed by tjreedy

test_tarfile fails with readonly source dir for Python 2.4.2 (12/23/05) closed by sf-robot

cannot build SVN trunk on old systems (12/29/05) closed by sf-robot

building readline module fails on Irix 6.5 (04/28/03) closed by sf-robot

Python 2.5 CVS broken for HP-UX platform? (06/01/05) closed by sf-robot

MemoryError on AIX52 (08/03/04) closed by sf-robot

2.3.4 can not be installed over 2.3.3 (05/29/04) closed by sf-robot

Rebuilding from source on RH9 fails ( missing) (04/22/05) closed by sf-robot

configure problem on HP-UX 11.11 (11/23/04) closed by sf-robot

dbm Error (10/09/03) closed by sf-robot

bsddb hangs with recno/source sync (01/26/03) closed by sf-robot

ImportError: No module named _socket (10/01/03) closed by sf-robot

Python 2.3.3 urllib proxy support fails (01/07/04) closed by sf-robot

UnicodeWriter: "utf-8" hardcoded instead of self.encoding (2006-03-01) closed by gbrandl

CHM file contains proprietary link format (2006-02-1 closed by alexanderweb

install fails on hard link (2006-03-0 deleted by goldenautumnday

os.path.realpath works on windows (2006-03-0 closed by gbrandl

RFE Closed

lib-deprecated (02/02/06) closed by sf-robot

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