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wxGlade, wxPython.... pyOpenGL wxWidget?
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I've been combing google for the past week trying to find an
appropriate set of tools for a project I'm working on. Simply put,
what I need is a GUI, powered by python, (I really don't want to touch
any C++ code at all), that has an openGL canvas/scene(?), with a python
interpreter sitting beside it. The whole thing should be resizable,
and the display (not full screen) should be commanded by user
interaction with the interpreter (like the boa-constructor
interpreter), where the whole app resides in one window.

What would be ideal for me is an "OpenGL wxWidget(?)" that can be
imported into wxGlade or Boa. ((Qt has a thing called glViewer (Which
I got really excited about, but can't find a way for python to talk
with it)))

note: This should be cross-platform, MacOSX / Windows / Linux.

I feel bad posting this because there is already so much discussion on
the topic, however my brain is trying to escape, and I could only
appease it by sending this missive.

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Karsten W.
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PyOpenGL comes with a Tkinter widget for OpenGL, and searching google
"wxwidgets opengl" yields

Kind regards,

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Ok, I initially thought the Tkinter route would be too "low level" (Ha,
low level python), but I noticed a link to VTK which looks promising.
Thanks for your quick reply!


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