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Cisco 3550 EMI Acl's and VLANs

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I need to be pointed in the right direction as I'm both a newbie to
Cisco and I've found myself stuck in what seems to be a simple

I've successfully set up a Cisco 3550 with EMI software. The switch is
up and running and is currentely only using 2 ports.

One port acts as an "uplink" port to the corporate network. All of our
network resources are in the IP range of e.g. (except
Internet ofcourse), there's a default route in the 3550 for that.


I'm adding other network resources to the switch and for each resource
that physically connects to the switch, I create a VLAN for it and do
all the routing. So far, so good...

When I connect an extra network resource to the switch, i.e. a router
I'm able to ping resources on other ports/VLANs.


Port 1 -> Connected to a router with a VLAN that it's a member of
Port 2 -> Connected to a router with a VLAN that it's a member of

Resources on port 1 can ping/connect to resources on port 2.

They are not member of the same VLAN, and they're in seperate subnets.

Let's say that my network on Port 1 is and Port 2 is I don't want these to be able to communicate with eachother.

These networks are only allowed to access hosts on the corporate
network through port 24 (uplink) and only to access the
network. (There is a for DMZ, although not relevant here)

This is a simple problem for someone that knows how to do it...

Any pointers in the right direction as well as hints is much

Best Regards,

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Configure ACL's on each "downstream" interface to allow/deny the
traffic flows that you want
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