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Path and Unicode woes

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I'm attempting to override a wxHtmlWindow method in order to
pre-process the file before displaying it. I'm using a unicode version
of wxPython. I don't think my problem are wxPython-specific, but
rather a unicode mis-understanding. Consider the following:

.. def OnLinkClicked(self, linkinfo):
.. #adapted from the wxPython demo
.. target_file = linkinfo.GetHref()
.. current = self.GetOpenedPage()
.. path = os.path.dirname(current)
.. print "path = ", path
.. print "current = ", current
.. print "target_file = ", target_file
.. filename = os.path.join(path, target_file)
.. print "filename = ", filename
.. filename = filename.replace('\\','/')
.. print "filename: ", filename+'\n'
.. self.LoadFile(filename)

The first time I *click* on a link, I get the following:

path = E:/Copy of rurple0.9.0.1b/rurple0.9.0.1/html/en
current = E:/Copy of rurple0.9.0.1b/rurple0.9.0.1/html/en/rur.htm.html
target_file = intro/browser.htm
filename = E:/Copy of
filename: E:/Copy of

.... and everything is just fine (the expected file opens in the browser
window). The second time I *click* on a link, I get the following
(note the replacement of "E:" by "/E%3A"):

path = /E%3A/Copy of rurple0.9.0.1b/rurple0.9.0.1/html/en/intro
current = /E%3A/Copy of
target_file = explore.htm
filename = /E%3A/Copy of
filename: /E%3A/Copy of

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "E:\Copy of rurple0.9.0.1b\rurple0.9.0.1\rur_py\",
line 77, in OnLinkClicked
File "E:\Copy of rurple0.9.0.1b\rurple0.9.0.1\rur_py\",
line 54, in LoadFile
data = open(filename, 'r').read()
IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: u'/E%3A/Copy of

Any help or pointers would be appreciated...


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Not full help - but still a pointer.

E%3A/ isn't a unicode issue - but a value that is HTML escaped. MEaning
(I presume without looking it up) 'E:/' - your file path.

All the best,


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