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Anyone using SPE editor on Ubuntu?

SPE - Stani's Python Editor
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I'm playing around with the latest (soon to be released) SPE on Ubuntu.
This probably will increase the quality of SPE on Ubuntu and Linux/GTK
in general. I already made some patches, but I would like to get in
contact with SPE users on Ubuntu. The version of SPE which is now
available on Ubuntu now is quite deprecated.

I adapted SPE such that it can ran out of the box of an archive (zip or
tar.gz). This has the advantage that Linux (but also Mac and Windows)
don't have to install SPE anymore, although that option will remain.
So if you want quickly to see what SPE is all about, you can just run
it out of a folder or USB stick, provided the right version of wxPython
(2.6) is installed on the system, which is always the case with Ubuntu

So if you (want to) use SPE on Ubuntu, please contact me.


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I use SPE and my editor on my primary OS and I'd be very interested in
using SPE with Ubuntu.

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SPE - Stani's Python Editor
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So is Ubuntu your primary OS? Please email me privately at

News about new release you can follow here:

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