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How do I redirect output to a file and to the console screen?

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Hi there,

I'm doing some TELNET and FTP sessions with my scripts. I need to
redirect all the output (and not just what I print) to an output file,
but still be able to see the session in process on the console.

The Console screen is of less importance, so I could give it up, but
what I'm looking for is a way to see all the interaction with the
remote seesions on a file, that all the console data was redirected to
it from within the script file.

P.S. - the command "python script_file > output_file" is not from
within the file, so it won't work for me.

Thank you (-:

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Martin Miller
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The basic way to redirect output is to reassign a value to sys.stdout
-- something along these lines:

# redirect stdout to a disk file
import sys
saveout = sys.stdout
outfile = open('output.txt', 'w')
sys.stdout = outfile

# output stuff
print 'hello world'

# restore stdout
sys.stdout = saveout:

Essentially what you want is to have output redirected to *two*
different streams at the same time, the original stdout and a file.
Here's a link to a (very old) post on the subject that should help (see
'class Tee') if coupled with the above:



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Thank U.

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