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Re: ftplib question - ftp.dir() returns something and ftp.nlst()does not

Nico Grubert
Posts: n/a
> it's not obvious how Python could translate '' to anything other
> than an empty list, so it sure looks like a server issue.

> (or is a problem with running in passive mode? can you test with-
> out using passive mode on the same server?)

I thought using "ftp.set_pasv(0)" sets active mode so I can use
ftp.anyMethod() wihtout using passive mode?

I tried:

>>> ftp.set_pasv(0)
>>> ftp.nlst()

*cmd* 'TYPE A'
*put* 'TYPE A\r\n'
*get* '200 Type set to I.\r\n'
*resp* '200 Type set to I.'
*cmd* 'PORT 10,30,1,31,128,19'
*put* 'PORT 10,30,1,31,128,19\r\n'
*get* '200 PORT command Ok.\r\n'
*resp* '200 PORT command Ok.'
*cmd* 'NLST'
*put* 'NLST\r\n'
*get* '150 About to open data connection.\r\n'
*resp* '150 About to open data connection.'
*retr* ''
*get* '226 Transfer complete.\r\n'
*resp* '226 Transfer complete.'
>>> ftp.dir()

-r--r--r-- 1 owner group 121984 Nov 24 12:13 member.dat
-r--r--r-- 1 owner group 115 Nov 24 15:53 status.dat
-r--r--r-- 1 owner group 339 Nov 24 15:53 debug.txt

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