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ANN: MathDOM 0.5.2 - MathML in Python - now featuring lxml API!

Stefan Behnel
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Hi everyone,

MathDOM 0.5.2 is ready for download from SourceForge.

MathDOM is a set of Python modules (using pyparsing and either PyXML or lxml)
that import mathematical terms as a Content MathML DOM. It currently parses
MathML and literal infix terms into a DOM and writes out MathML and literal
infix, prefix, postfix or Python terms. The DOM elements are enhanced by
domain specific methods that make using the DOM a little easier.

You can call it the shortest way between different term representations and an
enhanced Content MathML DOM. Ever noticed the annoying differences between
terms in different programming languages? Build your application around the
DOM and stop caring about the term representation that users prefer or that
your machine can execute. If you need a different representation, add a
converter, but don't change the model. Literal terms are connected through an
intermediate AST step that makes writing converters for
Python/SQL/yourfavorite easier.

** New in 0.5.2 **

This release features the original 4DOM based API as well as a completely new
API based on a patched version of lxml. lxml is an ElementTree like API on top
of libxml2, which combines fast XPath, XSLT, XInclude, etc. computation with
the ease of a pythonesque API. Try it, it's worth making the change.

Have fun,
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