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Recursion with __setattr__

Chris Young
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Python 2.4.1 in IDLE 1.1.1

In trying to create a interactive drawing framework in Python I came across
the idea of binding attributes of one object to attributes of another.

The way it works is when obj1.attr1 is set obj2.attr2 should have it's
__setattr__ method called as well. But it ends up giving me a recursion error.

The attribute synchronization is shown below:


def sync(attr1,obj1,obj2,attr2=None):
"""Synchronize attribute access

name of attribute to synchronize
(optional) attribute name to use when setting second object.
if not attr2: attr2 = attr1
# rename old __setattr__'s
obj1.__old_setattr__ = obj1.__setattr__
obj2.__old_setattr__ = obj2.__setattr__
except AttributeError: pass
# modify mirrored attributes on attribute change
def hook_setattr(inst):
# Hey! Only classes have special methods!
class sethook(inst.__class__):
def __setattr__(self,name,value):
except AttributeError: pass
if name in self.__syncdict__:
entry = self.__syncdict__[name]
for mirror,attr in entry: pass
# recursion error here: setattr(mirror,attr,value)
#sethook.__name__ = inst.__class__.__name__ # magic?
inst.__class__ = sethook
# append synchronization info
except AttributeError:
obj1.__syncdict__ = {attr1: [(obj2,attr2)]}
except AttributeError:
obj2.__syncdict__ = {attr2: [(obj1,attr1)]}
# make the magic work

When I try to call this like sync('attr',obj,obj2) I get a recursion error.
I could understand this happening if I was calling setattr on itself, but
why the other object?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Also, any pointers on efficiency or easier
ways is also welcome. Thanks in

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