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Python recipes: list mixin, improved timeit, etc
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>So mixins are just a sub-class [pun intended] of sub-classing?
>I've just found this:
>A mixin class is a parent class that is inherited from - but not as
>a means of specialization. Typically, the mixin will export services to a
>child class, but no semantics will be implied about the child "being a
>kind of" the parent.
>[end quote]
>Is that all they are?
>It is amazing how you can take the simplest concept, and by using
>appropriate terminology, make it as confusing and opaque as you want...

"A mixin is an atomic unit in an object-oriented language that adds
functionality to another class."


The only experience I've had with mixins is in Python, where
UserDict has a class DictMixin that defines the full dictionary
interface from a minimal subset of dictionary methods.

The Python docs don't define mixin. I just assumed this was a case
where a programmer needed a name more descriptive than foo, so he
called it mixin, and that stuck.

- Connelly Barnes
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