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Pixel Manipulations

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Does anyone know of a simple implementation for detecting straight line
..So something like if we have a 2D arary of pixel elements representing
a particular Image. How can we identify lines in this Image.
for example:

ary =
So if 'ary' represents pxl of an image which has a horizontal line(row
0),a vertical line(col 0) and a diagonal line(diagonal of ary). then
basically I want identify any horizontal or vertical or diagonal line
anywhere in the pxl array and return true if its composed of only lines
else false...


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Terry Reedy
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"PyPK" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed)

[an exact duplicate of the off-topic message posted under the more
informative subject line of 'Straight line detection']

Please do no post the same message twice, especially not with two different
subject lines. I believe these were also posted about a week ago.

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