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Greetings all,

I know that FTP rides on TCP (connection-oriented, reliable) and that TFTP
rides on UDP (connectionless, unreliable). To me this means that the TCP
session used for FTP conducts a three-way handshake, uses variable
windowing, and acknowledges all packet receipt. I'm assuming that the UDP
session for TFTP does not have acknowledgement or windowing.

This in mind, all conditions being the same except for the use of FTP or
TFTP; why would it take longer to transfer a file using TFTP than it would
for that same file with FTP?

To this point I have been told that the TFTP actually DOES use
acknowledgements and that the difference is that it does not have the
capability to use windowing. I'm not quite convinced that this is correct.
Everything I can find states that UDP does not acknowledge. I have not
actually found anything that states that TFTP does not use some sort of
"unreliable" acknowledgement, but I know that it rides on UDP, therefore my
conclusion is that there is no acknowledgement associated with TFTP.

Does anybody have any information to the contrary, or any evidence that
supports either side of this discussion?


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