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Django and SQLObject. Why not working together?

Sokolov Yura
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Django Model is wonderfull. But SQLObject more flexible (and powerfull,
as i think, and has already more db interfaces).
But Django Model is tied with Django, and using Django with another OO
mapping is not comfortable.
Why do not working together? I can't understand.
If you (Django and SQLObject) would, you'll beat everyone else in
efficiency (i mean ROR and maybe some Python's frameworks).
It is for all of Open Source. There a lot of concurent projects. Tons of
frameworks, template systems and OO maping tools (in Python),
numerous gui libraries (flame war: Qt vs GNOME), and different
javascript libraries. Numerous libraries in Perl, that are not present
in Python.
And there is nothing we could oppose to Windows( XP Prof, 2003) +
MSOffice(Open Office is behind a bit) +
SQLServer(is debateable) + .NET(Mono is slow a bit : I wrote a C# log
parser, it works 4min in Mono and 45 sec in .NET) + ... .
Consolidation of good teams and their experience is the future of Open
Source. Present is the disunity.
Sorry for this boolshit and offlist.
"Don't you know?Ev'rything's alright, yes, ev'rything's fine... relax
think of nothing tonight."
(excuse my english)

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