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Tying up Port Login table entries with Port Table Entries in CISCO SNMP

John Ramsden
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In a monitoring app I am writing I plan on using SNMP to obtain
for each port on an MDS9000 CISCO switch the remote host WWN and
remote port WWN, with the aim of producing a table as follows:

Port Port Remote Remote
No WWN Host WWN Port WWN
1 a.b.c d.e.f g.h.i
2 j.k.l - - <-- not connected
3 m.n.o p.q.r s.t.u

I _thought_ this information could be obtained by referring to
a couple of tables in CISCO-FC-FE-MIB:

* The Port table, which is ., i.e.
ciscoFcFeMIB.ciscoFcFeObjects.cffFcFeConfig.fcIfTa ble.
and has a single index.

* The Port Login Table, ., i.e.
ciscoFcFeMIB.ciscoFcFeObjects.cffFcFeConfig.fcIfFL oginTable,
which has three indexes.

The first table has an element for every port, and the second
table has elements only for connected ports. But, contrary to
what I initially expected, the index values don't match!

(Both these indexes are called 'ifIndex'; but it seems this is
just a generic name, i.e. index type.)

So can anyone suggest a way of tying up each Port Login Table
entry with the correct Port Table entry?


John R Ramsden ((E-Mail Removed)) <-- com not cam
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