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Weekly Python Patch/Bug Summary

Kurt B. Kaiser
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Patch / Bug Summary

Patches : 339 open ( -5) / 2857 closed (+12) / 3196 total ( +7)
Bugs : 908 open ( - / 5036 closed (+22) / 5944 total (+14)
RFE : 189 open ( -2) / 168 closed ( +5) / 357 total ( +3)

New / Reopened Patches

Trivial typo in unicodedata._getcode (2005-06-02) opened by Darek Suchojad

Support non-file source/dest in marshal (2005-06-04) opened by Skip Montanaro

file.encoding support for file.write and file.writelines (2005-06-04) opened by Reinhold Birkenfeld

two fileinput enhancements (fileno, openhook) (2005-06-05) opened by Reinhold Birkenfeld

Suggested Additional Material for urllib2 docs (2005-06-0 opened by Mike Foord

proposed patch for tls wrapped ssl support added to smtplib (2005-06-0 opened by Pete G

Patches Closed

[ast] fix for 1183468: return/yield in class (2005-04-16) closed by nascheme

[AST] throw SyntaxError in "from x import y," (2005-05-04) closed by nascheme

fix for trivial flatten bug in astgen (2005-01-04) closed by nascheme

Add st_flags support to (l)stat function (2005-06-01) closed by perky

buffer overflow in _cursesmodule.c (2005-05-11) closed by akuchling

Typo in Curses-Function doc (2005-04-20) closed by akuchling

binary formats for marshalling floats (2005-04-11) closed by mwh

test_locale fix on modern linux (2005-05-07) closed by anthonybaxter

An URL for UnicodeData File Format 3.2 has changed. (2005-05-25) closed by perky

Patch for [ 1170331 ] Error in base64.b32decode (2005-03-27) closed by akuchling

#1074261 gzip dies on gz files with many appended headers (2004-11-27) closed by akuchling

asynchat does not accept 'long' terminator (2004-08-03) closed by akuchling

New / Reopened Bugs

Queue.qsize() better info about unreliability (2005-06-02) opened by Nikos Kouremenos

os.path.realpath() cannot handle symlinks (2005-06-02)
CLOSED opened by Ilya Sandler discards marshal.load val (2005-06-04)
CLOSED opened by Skip Montanaro

subprocess auto-reaps children (2005-06-04) opened by Mattias Engdegård

bsddb dbobj.DB.associate doesn't accept dbobj.DB param (2005-06-04) opened by Gregory P. Smith

int('x',radix) puzzle (2005-06-05)
CLOSED opened by elgordo

String and list methods deeply hidden (2005-06-06) opened by Reinhold Birkenfeld

Large tarfiles cause overflow (2005-06-06) opened by Tom Emerson

Replace MSVC memory allocator with ptmalloc2 (2005-06-07) opened by Niall Douglas

csv module sometimes raises _csv.Error (2005-06-0
CLOSED opened by Mary Gardiner

LINKCC->CXX, -ltermcap->-lncurses (2005-06-0 opened by Niki W. Waibel

Info from man python not in docs (2005-06-0 opened by Kent Johnson

Omission in docs for smtplib.SMTP.sendmail() (2005-06-09) opened by Kent Johnson

make frameworkinstall fails for non-default location (2005-06-09) opened by Mitch Chapman

pydoc includes unnecessary files for a package. (2005-06-09) opened by Igor Belyi

Bugs Closed

check for return/yield outside function is wrong (2005-04-15) closed by nascheme

Incorrect result for regular expression - "|(hello)|(world)" (2005-06-01) closed by tim_one

doc bug in Lock.acquire (2005-05-27) closed by akuchling

(?(id)yes|no) only works when referencing the first group (2005-04-06) closed by akuchling

Notation (2005-04-30) closed by akuchling

os.path.realpath() cannot handle symlinks (2005-06-03) closed by birkenfeld

bz2.BZ2File doesn't handle modes correctly (2005-05-03) closed by birkenfeld discards marshal.load val (2005-06-04) closed by montanaro

WeakValueDictionary.__init__ is backwards (2005-05-06) closed by birkenfeld

Typo in "Differences from mimelib" (2005-05-27) closed by birkenfeld

IDLE 1.0.5 (Python 2.3.5) crashes under Windows (2005-05-21) closed by kbk

example broken in section 1.12 of Extending & Embedding (2005-04-16) closed by birkenfeld

try to open /dev/null as directory (2005-04-15) closed by birkenfeld

int('x',radix) puzzle (2005-06-05) closed by birkenfeld

compileall doesn't notice syntax errors (2001-03-30) closed by birkenfeld

doc speaks of extensions option while it's *called* ext_modu (2005-03-25) closed by akuchling

dumbdbm hoses index on load failure (2005-03-29) closed by akuchling

csv module sometimes raises _csv.Error (2005-06-07) closed by montanaro

error in documentation for splitting empty string (2005-03-2 closed by akuchling

Error in base64.b32decode (2005-03-24) closed by akuchling

gzip dies on gz files with many appended headers (2004-11-27) closed by akuchling

datetime changes missing from "Porting from 2.3 to 2.4" (2004-12-04) closed by akuchling

New / Reopened RFE

Move test_method_checksum from test_unicodedata. (2005-06-02)
CLOSED opened by Darek Suchojad

module warnings lacks a remove filter function (2005-06-04) opened by Torsten Bronger

Add Error Code Dictionary to urllib2 (2005-06-0 opened by Mike Foord

RFE Closed

Move test_method_checksum from test_unicodedata. (2005-06-02) closed by rhettinger

Prepending Text (2005-05-31) closed by rhettinger

The array module and the buffer interface (2005-04-26) closed by rhettinger

expm1 and log1p (2005-03-14) closed by rhettinger

Support file path concat with "/" (2002-11-27) closed by birkenfeld

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