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howto send html mails using smtplib

Philippe C. Martin
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I have the following problem:
1) I can use smtplib to send text messages
2) I can generate html
3) I want to email the html and want it to be seen by the email client as

However, when I receive the message, the email client displays it as text
(code hereunder) - I assume it has to do with the MIMEText call but since I
cannot see any MIMEhtml .....

Any clue ?



#************************************************* *******************
def Mail(self,p_data):

you = wx.GetTextFromUser('EMAIL ADDRESS','ID')
if len(you) == 0:

self.__m_config = Config()


me = self.__m_config.dict['ACCOUNT']
#me = '(E-Mail Removed)'
host = self.__m_config.dict['SMTP']
s = smtplib.SMTP()


the_text = p_data
msg = MIMEText(the_text)
msg['To'] = you
msg['Subject'] = self.__m_config.dict['TITLE']
msg['From'] = self.__m_config.dict['FROM']
s.sendmail(me, [you], msg.as_string())
self.__m_list = []

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