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PSP / mod_python ... how to get POST vars on .psp ?

Rod Castellanos
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Ive been looking everywhere, I need to get a var in my .psp file from
another one,
I managed to send it with a form and I can read it with "" but
it reads all of the variables together separated by a "&" like all
POST/GET vars.

How do I store each one in a python var, Im looking for something like
$_POST and $_GET from php.

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The documentation states:

Additionally, the PSP code will be given global variables req, psp,
session and form.

In other words, in your PSP page you can access the "form" variable and
it will
give you access to the FieldStorage object that PSP creates for you.
The members
of the FieldStorage class are documented on the mod_python web site.

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