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CGIHTTPServer on Windows?

Chris Curvey
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Hi all,

I'm trying to work around my cgi-driving-IE problem by creating my own
server, but CGIHTTPServer on Windows (python 2.3.5) seems to be having
troubles. Trying to run a "hello world" CGI gives me:

COMPAQ.ANTIQUES - - [11/May/2005 07:18:50] "GET /cgi-bin/
HTTP/1.1" 200
COMPAQ.ANTIQUES - - [11/May/2005 07:18:50] command: c:\program
ython.exe -u C:\Documents and Settings\chris\My
Documents\cgi-bin\ ""
COMPAQ.ANTIQUES - - [11/May/2005 07:18:50] 'c:\program' is not
recognized as an
internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

COMPAQ.ANTIQUES - - [11/May/2005 07:18:50] CGI script exit status 0x1

I tried hacking the source of do_POST to put quotes around the name of
the python executable and the script, but that didn't get me anywhere.
Is there a solution to this, or does this approach require me to use
pathnames without embedded spaces?

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